Soundbite, soundbite, soundbite

Soundbites, short clips extracted from a long speech, have been a popular tool with politicians since the 1970s. They are used to capture the spirit of a speech and ensure key messages are being delivered to the audience. Holly Worsley considers the future of the soundbite in a world of compressed social media communication.

Channel 4 seeks young talent

Channel 4’s award winning 4Talent initiative arrives in Liverpool on Wednesday 22 October 2014 armed with inspiration for young people who are passionate about kick starting a career in the media. The free nationwide entry-level scheme travels across the UK to areas of high youth unemployment, providing support, training and master classes to 16-25 year olds from all backgrounds keen to break into the creative industry in the form of a 4Talent Day.

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This

Not just a thoughtful introduction to the basics of creating advertisement and marketing campaigns, Luke Sullivan’s “Hey Whipple!” is also an argument for aesthetic sense in advertising– in essence, you can sell a lot of things a lot of ways, but not all those ways are artful. Review by Diana Bengea.

PR director is BBC choice to speak sense on social media

The BBC has chosen Victoria Tomlinson, chief executive of Northern Lights PR, as one of their stable of expert women.

The work experience. From hell.

A new PR fashion agency is launched like a catapult into the world of fiction. Georgia Robson reviews The Work Experience on E4.