Students given £1,000 challenge

The challenge has been announced for the third annual Douglas Smith Student Award which comes with a £1,000 prize. Last year’s winning team was Arianne Williams, Lauren Old and Hannah Lennox from the University of Sunderland.

How to succeed

There’s more to being a student than grades. Richard Bailey praises those who find the time and energy for projects on top of their assignments. He calls them the leaders, and suggests there’s a bright future for them in PR.

PR student’s guide to Twitter

Yasmina Magdy is a Twitter convert. She shares her top tips on how to make the most of this conversational channel in the final post in University of Sunderland’s #blogtakeoverweek.

Are we Facebook activists or passivists?

In her review of Facebook activism, Rachel Frost asks if a ‘Like’ can change the world or if we’re merely seeking social approval.

Do you Yak or Snap yet?

Young people are using new social networks that many businesses have yet to discover. Morta Jablonskaite lists her top three and explains their commercial and communications potential.