How the Paralympics won hearts and spread joy

Miriam Pelusi learns lessons from the Paralympics. Beyond sport, they were lessons for life, and a triumph of long-term public relations.

Reflecting on Rio

Miriam Pelusi argues that Rio2016 was a triumph of immersive PR that managed to turn a negative narrative into a feelgood festival.

Olympics PR: the good, the bad and the ugly

Each Olympics seems to be attended by shame and scandal – yet somehow the sport wins out. On the eve of the Rio games, Lauren Wilson explores the stories that made headlines in each games since the birth of Google.

Falling in love with Leicester

Miriam Pelusi argues that Leicester City’s football success is a relationship management masterclass in a sport that has been damaged by the dominance of money and marketing.

Campaigns That Shook The World

Danny Rogers has chosen nine campaigns to illustrate the evolution of communications from the 1970s onwards. From this, he identifies the characteristics of successful integrated campaigns. Richard Bailey finds it an enjoyable read and a useful source.