Invitation from the editor

As we prepare for a new academic year, editor Richard Bailey explains how to make the most of Behind the Spin, whether you’re a student, a graduate, a lecturer or an employer.

Our #socialstudent winners

Experienced practitioner and postgraduate PR student Jason Mackenzie leads our final #socialstudent ranking. He is followed by the outstanding undergraduates Lauren Johnstone, Dev Mistry, Nick Horbowyj and Matt Silver.

Week 11 #socialstudent

As we return from a winter break, Jason Mackenzie still leads from Nick Horbowyj, Lauren Johnstone, Dev Mistry and Matt Silver. There are three newcomers: Claudia Barnett, Georgia Robson and Alexandra Horilla. Because of changes to PeerIndex and Klout, next week will be our final #socialstudent ranking.

Week 10 #socialstudent

As we take a break, Jason Mackenzie retains his lead over Lauren Johnstone, Dev Mistry, Matt Silver and Ben Frith. We will return on 10 February and run for a further 10 weeks up to Easter.

Week 9 #socialstudent

Jason Mackenzie and Lauren Johnstone now have a clear lead, followed by Dev Mistry, Matt Silver and Ben Frith. We will run one more table next week before taking a short break.