Where are the women?

The gender gap in the North’s digital technology sector is continuing to widen, with workforces split 72:28 male to female, compared with a 60:40 split last year, according to the results of Manchester Digital’s annual digital skills audit.

The Presentation Book

This short but comprehensive book is written for business presenters – but it’s also full of valuable advice for students and their lecturers. Review by Richard Bailey.

Working in PR requires more than PR skills

PR isn’t just about ‘doing work’, it requires other non- PR skills which come with experience, continuous professional development (CPD) and hard work argues Laura Sutherland.

How to be a consultant

Caroline Black has written a useful book for new entrants in to public relations, but for more sophisticated advice on how to be a consultant Richard Bailey turns to a new book by management consultant Samir Parikh.

Are you suited to a PR agency career?

PR students and graduates can select which professional pathway to select – working in a PR agency or in-house. Dina Tomas explains what’s needed to succeed in a PR agency environment.