You gotta roll with it

Completing her degree has taken longer and been more challenging for Kate Kenyon than for most other students. Acute renal failure, a rejected kidney transplant, dialysis and now a second transplant. She tells her story and explains why the organ donor register is literally vital.

She predicts a riot

Russian-born Yulia Toal (Malkina) analysed the language used by critics of and supporters of the radical feminist band Pussy Riot. Her dissertation showed that while mass media remains under government control in Russia, new media such as blogs provided a platform for a range of views.

The land of warm beer and bad weather

A land of tea-drinking monarchists and terrible weather. International student Diana Bengea has been confronting and challenging many stereotypes since arriving in Aberdeen to study public relations.

Research fellowship for Behind the Spin editor

The 2013 PRIME Research Fellowship has been awarded to a member of the Behind the Spin editorial team.

Advice for first year PR students

Bart Misiak has studied public relations at two universities in two different continents. Here he offers his advice for those starting their first courses.