CIPR to launch new professional qualifications

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) will introduce a new suite of professional qualifications – aligned with the competences needed for contemporary PR practice – from September 2017. The qualifications, to be launched at an event on 19 July, will each feature a new syllabus shaped around the practical and future needs of public relations employers.

Public relations academic conferences in 2017

This list of forthcoming European academic conferences in the field of public relations with deadlines for submitting proposals may interest researchers, educators and advanced students.

FuturePRoof 2 focuses on opportunities for PR

#FuturePRoof: Edition Two, published today, continues the discussion around key opportunities facing public relations, from convergence and skills to boardroom recognition and the pace of change. Its aim is to assert public relations as a management discipline and demonstrate its value to organisational success.

PR graduate named in Future Practitioner Forum

PR graduate and Behind the Spin associate editor Michael White has been chosen as a member of the CIPR’sĀ Future Practitioner Forum. Led by editor of FuturePRoof Sarah Hall, the Future Practitioner Forum will focus on professional development to meet the challenges of industry change.

Say hello and wave goodbye!

On her retirement, public relations educator Jane Crofts reflects on her time at the University of Lincoln and on the ongoing challenge to position public relations courses within universities. In a Business School PR gets confused with marketing and in a School of Journalism they think PR is just about writing news releases, she writes.