Snap to it: register to vote

Snapchat and the Electoral Commission have joined forces in a campaign to remind voters across Scotland to register to vote in the council elections on 4 May. Scotland is unique in the UK, in giving 16-17 year olds the right to vote in council elections.

UKIP whips up a PR storm

Brad Grant analyses the recent PR storm surrounding party leader Paul Nuttall and questions the professionalism of the UKIP PR team.

The power of protest

Craig Meichan and Jessica Potter ask why millions are prepared to sign petitions and join protests on the streets when so little seems to change as a result. Are we revolutionaries or are we simply behaving like children?

PR’s post-truth problem

Robert Minton-Taylor argues that PR practitioners are responsible for the information they communicate and should check, check and check again. Those spreading ‘alternative truths’ will be found out before long.

Conversations across America

Travelling 2,500 miles across the United States of America by train, Robert Minton-Taylor had time to absorb the landscapes and enjoy some conversations. Next week’s US presidential election brings the subject of these conversations back into sharp focus.