Attila the human

Why should PR students read an autobiography of radical left wing performance poet and musician Attila the Stockbroker whose heyday was ten years before they were born? Liz Bridgen argues it’s for the lessons to be learned in media manipulation, propaganda and lobbying.

Apple beats a swift retreat

The attack on the world’s most profitable company by a 25 year-old pop star provides a case study in corporate communications on social media, argues Tim Maltin.

Turning a name into news

PR student Ben Frith was there when the new Leeds Arena became a national news story.

What’s this ear?

You may have noticed random plastic figures and facial features dotted around the city of Manchester in the last couple of weeks. Was this a prank or was someone just having a laugh?

The music or the money?

There’s no Glastonbury this year, and a number of prominent music festivals have failed. Mark Grainer asks what’s wrong with the live music business?