Call yourself a social media expert?

Jessica Turner directs a rant against self-proclaimed social media experts. There’s much more to it than likes, shares and one-way promotions she explains.

The best integrated campaigns of 2016 (to date)

An integrated marketing campaign sees multiple platforms come together to deliver a brand’s message in a cohesive, interconnected manner. Ben Martin explores some successful recent examples.

Falling in love with Leicester

Miriam Pelusi argues that Leicester City’s football success is a relationship management masterclass in a sport that has been damaged by the dominance of money and marketing.

PR and SEO: the need for digital resolution

What’s the relationship between PR and SEO? Between content marketing and PR? This ebook by Stella Bayles provides a refreshingly optimistic view of PR and calls for a resolution of the differences and distinctions between these areas. PR students can download a free copy using the promotional code provided.

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking touches upon marketing, engineering, product design, user experience and analytics. We could also call it ‘growth marketing’ as it combines marketing with coding. Ben Cotton introduces the concept and announces Growth Hack Talks to be held in Dublin.