How PR works: thought leadership

Promoting professional services like public relations consultancy is a very different activity from promoting consumer products. In place of marketing-led activities like product launches, advertising, brand building and sales promotion, the favoured approach uses public relations techniques – above all thought leadership. Richard Bailey discusses how one consultancy maintains a prominent profile in the industry.

It’s a tough job, but PR people love doing it

Findings from the 2014 European Communication Monitor study show that it’s increasingly hard to find a good work-life balance in public relations. Nor do practitioners think they’re especially well paid given the increasing challenges and demands they face. But those interviewed reported high levels of job satisfaction and said they had the respect of their clients and colleagues.

Your invitation to the future of PR

PR students and young PR professionals are invited to join a free webinar discussion on ‘the future of PR’. The discussion follows publication of the latest findings in the annual European Communication Monitor survey among senior communicators in Europe and will involve presentations by leading scholars in the field.

James Maxwell graduate scheme 2013

The James Maxwell graduate programme is an excellent opportunity for a recent graduate to join a top global PR consultancy and receive the best introduction to PR. The closing date is 19 April 2013.