Five key traits for working in comms

Comms director Hannah Tulloch explains why a fancypants degree from a fancypants university may not a good indicator of likely success. She outlines those traits she’s looking for from graduate applicants.

Interviews: how to answer The Question

PR careers are attractive to many. But how do you answer the killer interview question when you’re stronger on enthusiasm than experience? Helen Parkinson learnt the hard way.

Acing job interviews like a pro

Answer questions with short stories that get to the point quickly and flow easily, as you get your key messages across. Then listen. And treat job interviews as conversations rather than interrogations advises Bart Misiak.

The power of ‘I don’t know’

We often forget that it’s okay to admit you don’t know something – especially in an interview writes Stephanie Mullins. It shows that you won’t work blindly without knowing what you’re supposed to be doing, it shows you’ll ask questions, and you’ll accept advice and guidance from others.

Get real, get ready, get hired

The race for PR graduate jobs is highly competitive. Dina Tomas talks about the reasons why employers reject hundreds of job applications, and suggests what you need to do, say and wear to get that dream job.