Research reveals blind spots in PR and comms

An international survey has revealed the knowledge and skills gaps facing communication professionals in Europe. The 2017 European Communication Monitor survey collected data from across 50 countries and explored trends like visualisation, social bots, hypermodernity and benchmarking for strategic communications.

Brief released for Douglas Smith student award 2017

The Douglas Smith Student Award is an annual award now in its fourth year. Its aim is to encourage young PR talent and, in order to qualify, entrants have the task of developing an international campaign brief. The award was created in memory of Douglas Smith, founder and patron of CIPR International and a great supporter of young and emerging talent.

A life-changing experience

Sonja Heineck reports on her time as volunteer marketing manager at a bush school and wildlife orphanage in South Africa. The post is now open for applicants able to work for twelve months from February 2017.

When PR met Communism

Is public relations a western import that only took hold in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, as some have argued? Despite attempts to suppress public relations in the communist era, Balint Brunner finds evidence for PR’s surprisingly long evolution in Hungary.

The season to fire clients

Getting results is the easy part of public relations, argues Courtney Lukitsch of Gotham PR. Managing clients for long-term mutual benefit is the hard part, and this sometimes requires making the difficult decision to fire a client.