Bournemouth celebrates 25 years of PR education

On 26 March 2015, over 150 alumni and students came together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Bournemouth University BA Public Relations course and its achievements. Dev Mistry explains how students and alumni from the course’s creation in 1989 through to the present day were in attendance, sharing knowledge, stories and experiences.

Why our industry needs multi-skilled generalists

Are PR degree courses producing narrow graduates? Having listened to some experts at an industry summit, Richard Fogg believes what’s needed are multi-skilled generalists with magpie minds.

Bournemouth team wins student pitch competition

Finalist Fleurie Forbes-Martin reports on the final of the inaugural Amilla national student pitch competition.

It’s Bournemouth v Leeds Met in the final

PR students from Bournemouth and Leeds Metropolitan universities will compete to win a national student pitch competition.

Super soaraway trampolining

How do you compete with the major sports and get a new club off the ground? By jumping higher says Bournemouth trampolinist Jessica North.