Living with ADHD

People with ADHD can bring energy, enthusiasm and new perspectives to your team. Jack Moorcroft explains the condition and discusses how employers and lecturers get the most out of his fellow sufferers.

Adjusting to student life

Melissa Bean admits she had a rocky start to university life. She explores what helped others settle in to a new environment and make new friends.

Learning and living at the heart of the university

Niall Young O’Brien and Georgia Moloney report on Edge Hill University’s redevelopment that will put a new library, student services and accommodation at the heart of the campus.

Students learn and give by working with charities

Joanna Xiourouppa was part of an Edge Hill University student team that worked with Merseyside charity Priority Youth Project.

PR, like cinema, demands great storytelling

Athina Papandreou transferred from a Film Studies course in Greece to a PR degree course in the UK. She says many aspects of public relations remind her of cinema.