The week’s best to 14 October

In this week’s #bestPRblogs pick, we highlight six PR blog posts from students at six different universities. Four are reappearing for the second week running while we welcome two newcomers to this year’s contest. It’s warming up!

The week’s best to 7 October

Each Friday, we publish our pick of the week’s best blog posts by UK-based public relations students. To kick off our 2017 #bestPRblogs contest, here are five posts from students at five different universities.

Why bother with blogging?

2016 #bestPRblogs winner Arianne Williams discusses the whys and hows of student blogging as we introduce this year’s competition. We’ll be selecting the week’s best posts from UK-based PR students starting next Friday.

Three key points about Google’s new blogger guidelines

Google has updated its blogger guidelines and now threatens to punish brands who gain links from bloggers in return for products. Matt Vowles explains how to live with the new rules.

Sunderland leads our league table

After 24 weeks and 174 posts from 43 students at 14 universities, we’re ready to announce those shortlisted in our #bestPRblogs competition. But first, here’s our final weekly selection.