The week’s best to 24 February

This has been another bumper week for PR student blog posts, and I’ve had to be ruthless (maybe even random) in my selection. Marcel Klebba continues his remarkable run of appearing every week, but we also welcome newcomer Rosie Heaton.

The week’s best to 17 February

After a few bumper weeks of #bestPRblogs, we’re back to business as usual. I’ve selected six posts for the strong writing, the topics and/or the connections these students have made. They exemplify my golden rule of social media: ‘Be interesting. And if you can’t be interesting, be useful.’

The week’s best to 10 February

PR students are making it harder and harder for me to pick a shortlist – and I’m delighted. It shows this contest is producing a growing number of quality posts. What do these nine posts from students at seven different universities have in common? It’s the freshness (of the idea or of the writing) that I’m looking for. Fresh – not formulaic – posts are what’s needed.

The week’s best to 3 February

This week’s #bestPRblogs selection once again provides a mix of personal and professional posts. It’s the personal content that I found particularly compelling this week, from the fightback of a maligned millennial to a manifesto for self-help through solo travel and praise for the Pope.

The week’s best to 27 January

This week’s #bestPRblogs selection highlights another nine posts from PR students addressing personal, educational, media and political topics. We could have included twice this number, so this contest is delivering in terms of quantity and quality.