We name Britain’s best PR student blogger 2017 #OMG

Heather Yaxley has reviewed four impressive shortlisted PR student blogs – and has chosen her 2017 #bestPRblogs winner.

The week’s best to 7 April

After 183 posts by 39 students at 13 universities over 24 weeks, we’re ready to announce our shortlist for the best PR student blogger 2017. We also reveal the most prolific universities. Heather Yaxley will choose the 2017 #bestPRblogs winner by the end of May.

The week’s best to 31 March

Our picture sums up my feelings. Lemonade: bitter sweet. This contest has been full of sweet things and I’ll be sorry to give up the routine next week. I’ll miss you! My review of the 2016-17 #bestPRblogs contest to date follows next week.

The week’s best to 24 March

Our top student bloggers are continuing to delight and please – and they’re even competing with themselves (as well as with each other) by publishing multiple posts in a range of styles and formats each week. Our leading bloggers are more than writers: they’re publishers.

The week’s best to 17 March

Each week, this contest demonstrates creative approaches to building connections and conversations. It’s public relations in action – and I’m very proud to highlight these examples – including two newcomers and two vlogs this week.