Who plays live at Leeds?

The Hummingbirds. Five lads from Liverpool are about to make a huge entrance in the music scene. With recognition from celebrities on twitter, it is all about to kick off for this band.

Wayne Rooney tweeted “Listened to some great music today from a young band from Liverpool, get following @TheHummingbirds”, and Colleen Rooney tweeted “Cavern tonight, seen a brilliant Liverpool band The Humming Birds!!! They got me dancing, really good x”, and with an appearance on Sports Tonight Live, it is only a matter of time before everyone in the UK knows about this amazing band.

They write all their own songs and play all their own music. What more could you want in this mass produced, X Factor generation?

With hits in the waiting like ‘Back In Liverpool’ and ‘Awaiting Your Call’, this band is a modern day Beatles, with a great folk sound.

On 2 February 2012, The Hummingbirds are playing The Dry Dock, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds. The gig starts at around 9:30pm, free entrance.

Come and see this band before you have to pay over the rate ticket prices to see them in arenas and stadiums!

The Hummingbirds band members

Jay Davies – Lead vocals & guitar

Matty Brougham – Guitar

Mic Kountis – Guitar & backing vocals

Richard Smith – Backing vocals & Cajon & Percussion

Ryan Lewis – Bass

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