Where have all the bloggers gone?

Richard Bailey introduces our new list of #bestPRblogs from UK-based PR students.

Business of BloggingLong ago, blogging was social media. It was the easy way for individuals to publish their thoughts to share with others. Then along came social networks, leaving blogging in a stagnant backwater.

Now Stephen Waddington has provided a timely reminder that blogging’s not dead and that personal publishing still has a useful place in the media ecosystem.

He started with an idea for a blog post and ended with an accidental publication – a free e-book containing short essays from 14 people who have been blogging for an extended time. What’s it for? Does it have a future?

I’m one of the contributors. I’ve been blogging since 2001 and have encouraged students to share their thoughts for over ten years. So inspired by Stephen’s leadership, I’ve set out to uncover the state of student blogging. It’s a patchy picture, at best.

I’m looking for recent posts (ideally from this week); I have a preference for posts relating to public relations, digital media and studying PR. I’m recognising content, not design (this mostly comes from a template so is not a good indicator of quality.) I hope to recognise freshness and originality.

I’m no mind reader and need all the help I can get in discovering new posts and new talent. Please share your posts and your recommendations with me (editor@behindthespin.com or @behindthespin).

My pick of this week’s PR student blog posts

Plus one older post because it addresses Georgia Robson’s question:

Leeds appears to lead for PR student bloggers – but this is not an exclusive list. Others are welcome too.


  1. Interesting article. Noticing the same thing…


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