What’s this ear?

Charlotte Brierley writes:

Lend me your ears

You may have noticed random plastic figures and facial features dotted around the city of Manchester in the last couple of weeks. Was this a prank or was someone just having a laugh?

After finding ears hung on bus stops, and army figures hanging out of jean pockets, I decided to take a closer look. To my surprise it was a tag with the text ‘Modern Alarms. You should’ve known. 28.05.2012’.

I took my tag along with the rubber ear it was attached to and typed into Google what appeared to be a music release date. I was right. Next I found myself on the Modern Alarms website listening to a preview of the upcoming debut EP. I had been subject, successfully, to this local band’s creative promotional strategy.

I dug a little deeper to find out where the idea of distributing tags around Manchester came from. Dominic the vocalist of the Modern Alarms, and genius behind the idea, said ‘We wanted to create some mystery and interaction with people and thought gimmick toys would catch people’s eye’.

As a PR student I was impressed by the tactic and looked further into the brand of Modern Alarms.  Besides the band’s website most of their publicity was via social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook, on which they had a diverse and loyal range of fans and followers and a very active communication strategy, managed by the four northern band members themselves.

I remain impressed by the PR stunt and see a good future ahead for these guys. They clearly have the determination to make it in the industry; combine that with great musical talent and I think Manchester has a new purpose for the ears.

The EP is available to buy on ITunes and Amazon, and the band is playing the following shows to support the EP:

2nd June – Find Your Feet Festival, Middleton
5th June – Audlem Arts And Music Festival

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