Week five #socialstudent

This week, Kenny Murray has extended his lead over Charlotte Farringdon and we welcome Andreea Dobrila straight into the top ten.

There are still only six universities represented – and no postgraduate PR students.

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We introduced and explained #socialstudent in week one and expanded and updated the rankings in week twoweek three and week four.


  1. diana mitra says:

    How can we participate? 🙂

    My twitter is @dianamitra, I am studying PR and Comm @Southampton Solent Uni.


    Diana Mitra

  2. Your wish is my command.

    You’re added: straight in at number one on Klout – but low ranked on PeerIndex. I’m guessing Facebook will be your first choice social network?

  3. Hello,

    I would also be added to the list please 🙂 I am like Diana studying PR and Comm @ Southampton Solent Uni

    My Twitter is @Mari0nifik
    I am on Klout and PeerIndex as well. But also on Facebook, Pinterest, wordpress and LinkedIn 🙂



  4. You’re already on our lists Marion – and look set to appear in the top twenty next week (your PeerIndex score has just shot up).

  5. diana mitra says:

    Wow! #1 on Klout? Haha 😀

    Thanks for that, Mr. Bailey. Yes, that’s true, I prefer using Facebook. Deeply in love with it. I don’t find Twitter that great since it’s too “out there”. But I’ll give it a try, let’s see what Twitter is capable of, as well.



  6. Good point: there are drawbacks to putting too much ‘out there’.

    If you or anyone else would like to be removed from the lists, just tell me.

  7. Ohh thank you, I didn’t know about that. Yes I just set up PeerIndex last week 🙂

    Thank you Richard,


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