We think about the wedding every ten seconds

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Within the last seven days there has been  an accelerated level of ‘noise’ around the Royal Wedding.

Data compiled by search marketing specialist Greenlight reveals noise has risen a staggering 700% on March levels. Currently, there’s an average of 9,000 posts a day online relating to the Royal Wedding. Internationally, those excited by it outweigh “haters” by 6:1.

Facebook and YouTube least royal

Greenlight’s data shows there have been a total of 158,000 posts relating to the Royal Wedding on online media from March to date. A whopping 38% (60,964) have occurred within the last seven days.

Interestingly, Facebook (public posts only) and YouTube account for the smallest share of voice, just 8% and 1% respectively, compared to online news sources which currently account for the largest share of posts, 30%. Blogs follow closely with 29% then Twitter (17%) and Forums (16%).

However, the royals have now bowed to the power of YouTube with Prince William granting permission for his wedding to Kate to be streamed live. It will also have a presence on Facebook, so changes could well be afoot on this front.

Wedding dress, guest list and gifts are all the rage

According to Greenlight, topics holding centre court include the cake, the wedding dress, gifts, the guest list, hair and make-up, rings and the wedding party. Combined, they have generated 15,739 posts on online media over the week.

Posts about the dress (23%), guest list (20%) and gifts (18%) are in the top three. From the designer, Sophie Cranston of the Libélula label and rumour Kate helped design the dress, George Michael’s Stevie Wonder cover as a royal wedding present and Duchess Fergie and President Obama not making the 1,900 list of invitees – all are very much alive and ‘trending’.

Prince William’s having opted not to wear a band has also fuelled posts online around the rings, the topic of which has generated 12% of posts, whilst the honeymoon (8%) – Jordan being the choice of destination, has raised questions of concern in posts.

Heirs, hairs and carriages

Prince William’s bald spot has not gone unnoticed either. Indeed there’s been plenty of debate around whether he should wig-it to avoid its being on display, on the big day. Meanwhile, Kate’s doing her own make-up and her opting for flowers over a tiara has not slipped the radar.

Other popular discussions include:

-Kate Middleton being totally a brunette / Lauren Conrad

-“Hope that the Abbey does not blow a fuse”

-Kate ditching tradition and arriving in a car instead of a carriage

Harry’s Fancy

Predictions Prince Harry gets drunk and questions around which bridesmaid will take his fancy have helped to fuel the number of posts around the wedding party although the topic itself and that of the cake appear to be of least interest generating a mere 768 and 961 posts, respectively over the week.

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