Wanted: Super intern with X factor

Life is all about competition, especially in PR, so why not prepare PR students for their future career by exposing them to this rule of life from the very beginning?

“Wanted: Super Intern” is the name of the event organized by Ekaterina Aleksandrova, CIPR Student representative for the London Metropolitan University, which will take place at the university’s Moorgate Campus on Monday 17 May 2010.

The event involves a competition amongst MA and BA PR students to win an internship in a leading PR consultancy. Three PR consultancies are on the judging panel: Lansons, PHA Media and Phoenix.

The competition will be judged by Sophie Lilley, Director, and Anna Schirmer, Account Director, at Lansons; Stuart Skinner, Senior Account Manager at PHA Media and Antony Poppleton, PR Director at Phoenix.

The judges will introduce their firms and internship terms and present their briefs for the students to tackle. They will score the students on creativity, teamwork, attention to detail, strategic thinking and other personal and professional qualities. Three winners will be selected for a one-month unpaid internship with a possibility of further extension subject to performance.

The results will be announced at the after-party held at the Wall Bar allowing students and PROs to network and interact in a less pressurised environment.

The students will receive feedback, gain a more in-depth understanding of the pitfalls and opportunities and build up their contacts within the industry, and PR practitioners will have unrestricted access to potential graduate starters for their firms.

“PHA Media is delighted to be involved in this great event; we are committed to identifying and nurturing the best young talent and look forward to inviting one candidate to experience life at our agency” said Stuart Skinner, senior manager Sports and Leisure PR, PHA Media.

Competition has become a theme for all aspects of the event. Major photography institutes, schools and departments have been invited to apply for the photographer’s position and submit their portfolios and ideas for the photo shoots. Chen Gao who has been selected for the role, is a freelance from Zibo, China, with a BA in Choreography.

The same procedure has been followed to find the best logo design for the event. A competition has been held and the best option has been chosen. Freelance graphic designer Nick Foster, who has been selected, has also supplied images for the posters.

The event has a budget of £120.

More details can be found here.

For further information please contact:
Ekaterina Aleksandrova
Email: superinternwanted@gmail.com
Phone: 07956177117


  1. It sounds like a great event! Well done Ekaterina for showing such great creativity, initiative and planning – three skills employers always prize in graduates.

  2. Great idea for a competition – I am at the University of Westminster studying Public Relations and would like to enter the competition. However I have a couple of questions; Is this a team event is it a competition against other Universities for the coveted places at the agencies or are we flying solo? and How do I go about an entry to this fabulous idea of a competition?

  3. Ekaterina Aleksandrova says:

    Thank you for your supportive comments, Ben!

    Craig, I am glad that you are interested in my event. In fact, I have an update since the press release has been published. Communicate magazine has offered a free annual subscription to each of the three winners plus the main prize – free admission to all five of their annual conferences on corporate and financial communications. The first prize winner will be selected by voting on the day.

    Let me answer your questions:

    1. Students will be able to work both individually (agencies will provide their briefs one day before the event) and in groups (on the day). After introductions students will split into three groups and the agencies will score them on their ability to work in a team, communicate effectively etc). After 45 minutes of group work students will delegate a 10 minute presentation of their ideas to one candidate from their group. As a result three students will represent three groups. It can also be done by more group members than just one but will depend on the decision of the group.

    2. University affiliation is not relevant in the contest.

    3. I am still in the process of finalising the list of students for this contest and am accepting new enquiries until 10.00 on Friday 14 May 2010. To submit your enquiry please send me your CV and I will let you know by 17.00 on Friday 14 May if you have been selected for the next stage.

    Kind regards,


  4. Hi Ekaterina,

    I was just wondering if the competition had a hashtag on Twitter as it would be good to see who is talking about the competition and who is attending.

    Maybe #prXfactor

    Anyway it is a fantastic idea and if you need any updates putting on Behind the Spin you can send them direct to me at adamburns@hotmail.co.uk

    Kind regards,


  5. Ekaterina Aleksandrova says:

    Hi Adam!

    You have made a good point! I have just created an account for this – please go to http://twitter.com/superinternpr

    I am looking forward to hearing from you, students and PROs alike! And anyone else who wants to join in. In any other capacity which you feel will be beneficial for both of us!



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