Twitter cuts recruitment costs for PR

New social media phenomenon, Twitter, has propelled graduates into work as the latest method of recruitment for PR agencies.

Twitter is based around the interaction between individuals using ‘Tweets’, a message no longer than 140 characters answering the question, ‘what are you doing?’. Also known as microblogging, it’s now being requested by more and more companies as part of their digital PR campaigns.

University of Huddersfield graduate Matthew Watson was recruited via Twitter last summer, shortly after tweeting, “Good News: Had last exam & finished uni! Bad News: Didn’t get job at AxiCom or Cake PR. Good News: It’s sunny & I’m having beers & bbq!”

When asked to describe how his recruitment took place, Matthew described the simple process that occurred as a result of twittering: “After finishing my final exam I discovered that I’d been turned down by some PR agencies I had been interviewed by. I tweeted this and went out to celebrate the end of my degree with my class mates. A few hours later I checked my emails and found a message from Stephen Waddington, MD, Rainier PR, who said he had been following me on Twitter and had noticed that I was looking for a job.”

Twitter, along with blogging, puts your personal brand out there for recruiters to see and understand what kind of person you are and whether you could have a noticeable impact if recruited to their company.

Since the website was launched in 2006, Twitter has been ranked as the third largest social networking site, with 6 million users and over 55 million visitors to the site every month.

Most recently, Hatch Communications tweeted a simple message, telling followers how recruitment may soon be on the cards for the agency – a method which took seconds to display and potentially saved thousands of pounds in advertising and agency costs.

Michael Litman, now a Social Media Strategist for Consolidated PR was also recruited via Twitter, after an online friend recommended him to the digital department.

“No recruitment agencies were involved, no external costs, no bells, no whistles. Just me and Twitter. That’s a pretty big deal when you think about the costs of recruitment for one new hire. You can eliminate all of those costs in one fell swoop and be seen to be a very forward thinking company at the same time.’’

Twitter is rapidly gaining followers as PR companies, celebrities and others catching onto the free social media opportunity. Celebrity, Stephen Fry has become known for his favouring of the site, tweeting several times a day and being asked to talk about the site regularly in interviews and at appearances.


  1. This is proof that, in the right hands, Twitter can be a real cost-saving tool. Hats off to those companies making the most of it.


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