Twitter comes offline for #hullmeetup

Local users of social media platform Twitter will meet in Hull, East Yorkshire this week to conect with their followers in person and encourage face-to-face networking.

The Hull meet-up (Twitter hashtag #hullmeetup) will take place on Saturday 22nd May in Weatherspoons branch, The Zachariah Pearson on Beverley Road from 1pm.

The event is designed to give local Twitter users the chance to meet, network and interact with others who live on their doorstep, in an effort to take social media offline and put it in person for a day.

Twitter has been the cause of many social and professional events globally, with many events leading to continuing social meet-ups on a local basis.

Hull’s event has been organised by Twitter user, Laura Smith (@lauramsmith) after the idea was suggested to her followers with immediate positive response.

Anyone is welcome to the event providing they have a Twitter account.

Attendees may be social media enthusiasts, want to learn more about the uses of Twitter or simply want the opportunity to meet new people and gain new friends and followers.

For more information on the event, follow @lauramsmith on Twitter.

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