There’s no marketing like snow marketing

Early yesterday morning, CURB the creative media solutions agency delivered a quick-hit ‘snow tagging’ campaign for Extreme – in the London snow.

Curb, which delivers branding and advertising solutions using only natural materials, rose to the challenge of delivering an instantaneous central London branding blitz for the sports channel and high energy lifestyle brand.

By early afternoon, over 2000 stamps had been placed in approximately 350 locations including parked cars, post boxes, walls and even Oxford Street itself was branded with the Extreme logo. This was achieved by stamping the Extreme logo into a suitable snowy surface using a laser cut stencil. The stamp, which was developed for Extreme should it snow this winter, leaves a crystal clear outline of the logo.

Al Gosling, CEO of Extreme Group, was approached by CURB in the early morning and soon seized the campaign opportunity. Al said “Extreme has a long history of both branding innovation and association with alpine adrenaline living, buts its not very often we get to bring these both together onto the streets of London. CURB were able to turn it around in a couple of hours and we were very impressed with what they delivered”

Anthony Ganjou of Curb said. “We were thrilled for Extreme to give us the go-ahead so quickly as it meant that we had the chance to get out there almost immediately. This has NEVER been done in London before – mainly because it rarely snows – and we wanted to be the first to do it. So our team quickly hit the streets. By midday we had covered central London with the Extreme brand and had also turned a lot of heads. The feedback from people we saw in the streets was really positive. They thought it was fun and clever.

Curb specializes in providing brands with new and innovative ways to promote their brands. From ‘clean advertising’ through to logo’s cut in turf, the agency is well respected for its creative abilities.

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