Theatre company seeks student publicists

A professional theatre company is seeking students to publicise its forthcoming touring production.

Fuzzy Logic Theatre is touring in 2011 with its first production, Optimism.

Fuzzy Logic co-founder (and one-time PR student) Natalie Bellingham said:

“Optimism is about the way in which people cope with the dissatisfactions in their lives. There is a bizarre phenomenon whereby people will throw themselves 110% into an action which is utterly unrelated to their problems, with an attitude of absolute certainty that it will cure their woes. We create a distraction, we offer up something new to focus on, all the while ignoring the real problem, often leaving us worse off in the end. In essence we are all well schooled in making our lives more complicated.”

Optimism is a one act theatre performance combining clown, multimedia and a sense a visual flair. It is suitable for larger studio spaces and mid-scale venues and is available for touring during the spring/summer season 2011.

Those interested in this opportunity should take a look at the Fuzzy Logic website and contact

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