The week’s best to 7 April

“I cannot see heaven being much better than this.”

After 183 posts by 39 students at 13 universities over 24 weeks, we’re ready to announce our shortlist for the best PR student blogger 2017.

We also reveal the most prolific universities.

Heather Yaxley will choose the 2017 #bestPRblogs winner by the end of May.

Pick of the week

Pic of the week

Mark Ming (UWE Bristol): @markzxcz on Instagram

Top universities

  1. Sunderland (46 posts from nine students in one postgraduate class)
  2. UWE Bristol (30 posts from eight undergraduate students)
  3. Westminster (24 posts from two undergraduates)
  4. Liverpool John Moores (22 posts from one undergraduate)
  5. Bournemouth (14 posts from one undergraduate)
  6. Ulster (12 posts from five undergraduates)
  7. Southampton Solent (11 posts from two undergraduates)
  8. Greenwich (8 posts from three undergraduates)
  9. Leeds Beckett (5 posts from three undergraduates)
  10. Edge Hill (5 posts from two undergraduates)

#bestPRblogs shortlist

There should be no surprises: we’re shortlisting those who have appeared most frequently in this contest over the academic year. In my eyes, they’re all winners.

You can see how exceptional they are because all but one faced little competition from their classmates. They are, as our picture suggests, members of the ‘anti-social social club’.

  • Marcel Klebba (22 appearances)
    A professional networker who has viewed his blog as an editorial project complete with content calendar
  • Orlagh Shanks (22)
    An exceptional storyteller who has shared her rapid development this year
  • Lauren Old (20)
    She changed focus this year to write about the issues surrounding social media engagement
  • Lucy Hayball (14)
    She has shared her journey from a country town to a university town to the big city

There’s no obligation for those shortlisted to keep up the same level of productivity. They will be judged on their published posts. But I am hoping that each will as a minimum attempt the following two new posts:

  • Pick of the posts: which post gained the most resonance (shares, comments, feedback, visits), with hard evidence where possible
  • Why I blog: in which you discuss the motivation and inspiration behind your blog, and the lessons learnt

Previously featured (appearances)

Loré Adenegan (3) | Liam Bettinson (9) | Michaella Biscomb (1) | Laura Bradley (8) | Laura Chester (2) | Zoe Cooper (4) | Adam Eley (3) | Siobhan Filsell (1) | Nicola Firth (2) | Charlotte Goss (3) |  Louise Gould (1) |  Brad Grant (2) | Lucy Hayball (14) | Rosie Heaton (2) | Kelly Hewitt (1) | Chris Jenkinson (1) | Abi Kitcher (1) | Marcel Klebba (22) | Robert Leyland (8) | Sarah Lowers (1) | Catriona McAllister (6) | Bridget McLean (4) | Alice Midgley (4) | Samha Ndossy (1) | Lauren Old (20) | Sarah Penny (3) | Chloe Peoples (4) | Shannon Quinn (3) | Sarah Riley (6) | Dan Robinson (1) | Orlagh Shanks (22) | Lauren Sharkey (1) | Claire Simpson (2) | Alex Slaine (2) | Alicia Squadrone (4) | Emma Stanfield (4) | Henriette Stoll (2) | Megan Sulley (2) | Chris Thornley (2) | Heather Woodhouse (3)


  1. Well done to any of the bloggers who have received a Pick of the Week commendation in the past months. Starting a blog is a great thing to do. Writing something that people want to read is amazing. Being recognised for that is truly special. Doing it consistently is the challenge.

    I hope that everyone keeps up the writing habit – and most importantly continues to think like a blogger in being mindful of things they’d like to write about. It can be difficult to keep up momentum particularly when work and other commitments take priority. But write in your head, keep a notebook to hand, download a journal app or dictate to your phone.

    One thing that impresses good employers is someone who is committed to their craft, has something to say and is capable of saying it.

    Many congratulations to the four finalists on the shortlist. I am looking forward to turning my critical eye to your blogs over the next few weeks. Please tag me on Twitter when you’ve written the posts that Richard has requested (pick of your posts and why I blog). I’m @greenbanana if you’ve not already found me.

    Here is my latest blog post:

    I don’t really have a single favourite post, but I’ve selected this one to share. It is from 4 April 2007. A decade ago this week. Think how young you were then and remember that social media is not new and shiny. It needs smart people to take it forward. I trust that includes all the young people who read this blog. None of the links probably work in this post now but the message seems apposite for you (especially the final two paragraphs):

    Finally, the reason why I blog is evident in this post that I wrote after my dad died. That reason is because sometimes you just have to write:

    Make ’em laugh, make ’em cry, but most of all, make ’em think!

  2. What a lovely response, Heather – to share your own blogging motivation.
    And how humbling to be taken back ten years and to reminded that the same people were talking about the same issues! Ten years ago: same old same old. Ten years ago some students were ten years old.


  1. […] being named one of the top PR blogs in the UK by Vuelio, last week blog MK has been shortlisted to Richard Bailey’s selection for the Britain’s best PR student blog. In response to Richard’s post, I decided to write why I started writing a blog and how it […]

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