Survey identifies new challenges for PR

Professor Ralph Tench at Leeds Business School, Leeds Metropolitan University has produced a report on the findings from the largest research project into European Communication Managers’ perceptions of the practice in 2008.

The research highlights current developments for communication disciplines, fields of practice and communication instruments, as well as developments with interactive channels, corporate social responsibility and intercultural challenges.

The survey, by Professor Tench and colleagues from European research universities specialising in public relations and corporate communications, was supported by the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) and provides significant insight into the dynamics of communication management and public relations in Europe. The international research is based on a sample of 1,524 senior professionals from 37 countries.

The European Communication Monitor (ECM) 2008 research has been conducted across Europe and led from the UK. The research team included communications researchers from universities in ten countries, led by Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfass from the University of Leipzig, Germany.

The European Communication Monitor (ECM) 2008 research analyses the changing framework for public relations professionals in communication departments and agencies. It identifies strategic issues, fields of practice and instruments and how they gain or loose importance. Moreover, specific topics like interactive channels, corporate social responsibility, intercultural challenges, influence on management decisions, cooperation with agencies and future budgets are questioned and discussed in detail. The report includes qualitative and quantitative data which was collected during the summer and autumn of 2008.

Some of the summary findings from the 37 country’s research are that three out of four PR professionals in Europe are involved in Corporate Social Responsibility and strategy and measurement are highlighted as major issues for the future.

The research was sponsored by Cision and the Communication Director magazine.  The full report with discussion of results and findings and visual charts is available online at

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