Study abroad scholarship for PR students

PR students have until 31 August to apply for a £1000 scholarship to support international study.

The scholarship commemorates Douglas Smith

The scholarship commemorates Douglas Smith

The Douglas Smith Student Scholarship is designed to encourage PR students to develop their understanding of PR in other countries and to engage with the ethics of their profession.

The scholarship was created to celebrate the memory of Douglas Smith, a founder and patron of CIPR International. He was a great supporter of young talent and this scholarship is CIPR International’s way of honouring him and encouraging the next generation to think internationally.

The scholarship is open to allPR students studying on a CIPR-approved course, whether in the UK or overseas.

In addition to students on CIPR-approved courses, students on courses recognised by the CIPR may enter.  These are courses conducted by organisations with an effective code of conduct that lead to a recognised professional or academic qualification.  They include:

  • EUPRERA members
  • Global Alliance member associations or approved by those associations
  • IABC
  • IPRA

Applicants are invited to produce a PR campaign for a brief based on the ethics of producing low-cost clothing in developing countries. The PR brief and entry form are available from this page of the CIPR website.

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