Student PR network is three today

Robert French writes:

A little over three years ago, I had the idea of starting PROpenMic. I started working on Sunday and the site launched on Monday, April 1, 2008.  (Yes, we truly did launch on April Fool’s Day.)

Actually, the idea was to start a social network for PR students.  A worldwide (or even national) PR student network did not exist then … and there isn’t another one, like PROpenMic, that I know of today.  Today is the third anniversary of PROpenMic.

Thank you to all of the students, faculty and practitioners that have made the network successful. No one is more surprised than me that the network grew … and still grows today.   I approve new members every day.

We remain a private network to this day. That won’t change, even if it would help us grow faster. Your ability to use this network for sharing in that private network environment is more important.

Thank you to the faculty that use PROpenMic for their class activities. Thank you to the practitioners that share their knowledge. I especially thank all of the students for coming back again and again. Also, a big thank you to the small group of PR educators and practitioners that have served as administrators over these three years.

All of you make PROpenMic the success that it is.

Here is a brief snapshot of PROpenMic statistics and activity today.

  • 6,906 members
  • 2,910 blog posts
  • over 500 public and private forum discussions in 80 groups
  • 508 videos
  • 953 photos
  • 3,721 students
  • 501 faculty
  • 2,747 practitioners
  • 450+ colleges and universities represented in our membership
  • members from over 70 countries

Thanks to Auburn University’s Department of Communication and Journalism for paying for the site for the last two years, as well.


  1. PROpenMic is a great idea, and a good place for PR students to learn about online communities.

    By happy coincidence, we launched Behind the Spin just the same time. Our first articles were published here in March 2008.

  2. I congrat ‘PROpenMic’ as well as ‘Behind the Spin’ for achieving a lot within short years of their existence as respected online resources for PR practitioners, especially buddies and students in image management business. I am glad to be a beneficiary of the free resources and materials from these professional blogs. I also commend the founders too for the foresight.
    YAShuaib, Nigeria

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