Strategy and social media concern comms chiefs

The latest research into communications professionals in Europe reveals a spirit of optimism despite fears about budget cuts. The major concerns of almost 2,000 communications professionals surveyed were how to link communications to business strategy and how to cope with digital evolution and the social web.

The annual Communication Monitor survey was conducted by academic researchers from 11 universities based on a sample of more than 1,850 communications professionals from 34 countries.

The European Communication Monitor 2009 analyses impacts of the recession and media crisis on communication departments and agencies. It identifies strategic issues, fields of practice and instruments and how they gain or lose importance. Specific topics such as internal communication, online communities, measurement and evaluation or salaries are questioned and discussed in detail. Methods of empirical social research and statistical computation have been used to analyse the huge amount of data that had been collected this spring. Findings are available at European Communication Monitor 2009.

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