Stardoll, the place for fame, fashion and friends for young women, and ChildLine

Stardoll, the place for fame, fashion and friends for young women, and ChildLine, a service provided by the NSPCC,  today unveiled the winners of an innovative campaign. It links creative self expression and fashion with a new ChildLine initiative that encourages teens to share their feelings via a range of online services.
During the month of December, Stardoll members were given the opportunity to submit an original design by taking their mood of the day and converting it into fashion. There were 76,000 total submissions with over 250,000 members voting on the 7-21 winning designs to be selected and displayed in a new StarPlaza store (virtual retail area of the site), which launches today.
The introduction to ChildLine on Stardoll happened on the 16th of November and coincided with National Beat Bullying week (Beat Bullying Organisation). During that week, Stardoll delivered a virtual green telephone to each user. The green telephone, a heritage icon of NSPCC’s ChildLine was placed into 3.3 million UK user’s suites. The ringing telephone, when each user clicks on it, links them to the Childline hub, where they see information on ChildLine. The next phase was centered around a new Moodi Wear Label competition that encouraged users to respond to a weekly brief by creating a design based on an emotion. (e.g week 1 happy, wk 2, sad etc for a total of 7 weeks).
The ChildLine ‘how u feelin?’ campaign, designed to reach out to more children and young people online, offers a place to play, explore and talk about feelings and anxieties in a safe environment. The hub site offers children tools to express their feelings through poems, pictures, and emotion-type ‘moodies’ to keep track of their moods. Children can also confidentially contact ChildLine qualified counsellors through phone, online chat, email and text. Recent Childline ‘how u feelin?’ poll revealed a sharp rise in stress levels for children in their mid teens. The number of children saying they felt stressed most of the time was more than double between two age groups, from 12% of 11-13 year olds to 27% of 14-16 year olds.
“The moodies and ‘how u feelin?’ campaign on Stardoll has surpassed our expectations in reaching out to our core audience, said Ian MacArthur, Creative Director and Head of Brand Marketing of NSPCC. “More than 227,042 girls reported how they felt in the first two weeks of the campaign and we anticipate doubling that interaction in the coming weeks.
Starting this week, Stardoll members will also be able to look back over the month of January and see how many days they were happy, sad, angry, etc. If they report how they feel for more than 50% of the month they will qualify for a Limited Edition gift. The winning Moodi Wear Label designers’ collections will be made available in the StarPlaza today and in the new Moodi Store. The winning girls will be spending an afternoon with the designer who selected their designs and participate in activities around London Fashion Week in February.

There are currently Stardoll communities in 17 languages in over 200 countries. To date, over 48.8 million Medolls have been created, and more than 39 million unique users worldwide visit The Stardoll Network each month.  


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