Speaking digital with a local accent

A new research study by regional communications agency Golley Slater shows how the UK regions are adopting new media at different speeds.

DialectViewing video clips is the most common of all social media activities nationwide, led by those in the North West. Writing blogs, using RSS and listening to podcasts are minority activities everywhere, while uploading photos and using Facebook are popular activities in all regions.

National television is the most trusted source of news, followed by regional TV. But nternet news has overtaken national, regional or local newspapers and local radio. Blogs and Twitter were the least trusted news sources in all regions.

Local media (newspapers, radio and TV) remain the most useful sources on local services, far ahead of online social media.

Joyce Lorigan, Golley Slater’s PR CEO, said: “Much has been written about the rapid rise of digital engagement, but less has been invested in understanding the nuances across the regions of the UK. We can see marked variations in both digital opinion and behaviour across the country. Before companies jump on the bandwagon, this survey shows it’s important to look at the regional differences first.”

The study shows we are a nation of supermarket shoppers in all regions, with online shopping now matching a preference for local, non-chain grocery stores in most regions (those in the south east region are the most enthusiastic online food shoppers).

We still prefer to buy our clothes in the High Street, though shoppers in the north of England are the most likely to research and buy their clothes online.

The majority (67%) of UK consumers now use the internet to research their holidays, and most holiday bookings are also made online.

The research sample was 2026 responses from 11 UK regions.

To receive a copy of the full report, go to http://www.golleyslater.co.uk/dialect.php

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