Social car share saves students money

What happens when you mix students’ love of Facebook with their love of travel – and a desire to save money? According to the founders of a new website, it’s

Launched this summer, the service allows Facebook friends (and friends of friends) to match journeys they want to take with available seats in cars. It’s a safer, social media version of hitch-hiking, once popular in the last century.

Founder Drummond Gilbert sees this as a crusade against the 38 million empty car seats on Britain’s roads each day, but he’s keen not to guilt-trip students:

“We’re not telling people to stay at home with the lights off but we are opening their eyes to the benefits of travelling together.  A full car offers students an inexpensive way to get out and have fun, and in the green stakes its up there with taking the train.”

Drawing another lesson from social media, the site has an eBay-style rating system to help identify any bad drivers or unreliable passengers.

There is no charge for using the site and drivers and passengers are advised to agree to travel on a cost-sharing basis – according to the site this should not affect the driver’s car insurance.

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