Simple Acts support refugee awareness

Public relations volunteers are working to raise awareness of Refugee Week 2009 (15-22 June).

The timing seems tough, with fears about jobs in the recession and with two British National Party candidates having been elected to the European Parliament representing northern English constituencies.

Smple ActsBut Irina Stanescu of volunteer-run communications agency for the Third Sector Bright One tells Behind the Spin that it’s not so hard. All it takes is a Simple Act.

‘The Simple Acts campaign is about inspiring individuals to use small, everyday actions to change perceptions of refugees.

‘It consists of 20 actions that can be done by anyone and that encourage us to learn and do more with refugees. With every person who joins the campaign and does a small thing with and for refugees, we get a little closer to removing barriers between communities and to creating the kind of world we all want to live in.’

Simple Acts include everyday tasks like cooking foreign food or telling a child a story from another country.

You can follow the Simple Acts campaign on many social media channels: blog, Facebook group, Twitter and Wordia.


  1. Hi

    Thanks for highlighting Refugee Week 2009 and the Simple Acts campaign! Every Simple Act is helping to make a huge difference to the way refugees are perceived.

    We had our 2000th Simple Act completed this morning which made us all smile :O) Find out how to make an even bigger difference at

    Have a lovely day!

    Refugee Week team

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