Revealed: what we do in hotel beds

Gone are the days when Britons liked nothing better then to be tucked up in bed with a mug of cocoa and a good book or the newspaper crossword puzzle. According to research findings issued today,72% of adults spend their time in bed before falling asleep checking status updates on Facebook.

The bedtime behaviour study commissioned by Travelodge surveyed 6,000 adults to explore the nation’s bedtime habits. On average Britons will spend 16 minutes each night social networking with pals, with the peak chatting time being 9.45pm.

A further 18% of adults tweet every night in bed whilst one in five Britons catch up on the latest news from their favourite celebrities and friends via Twitter.

65% of  respondents stated the very last thing they do before nodding off at night is to check their mobile phone for text messages.

So bad is the obsession with bed-texting that 20% of Britons surveyed confessed they have stopped mid-way whilst making love with their partner to check on an incoming text message.

Twenty seven per cent of adults reported they are regularly awoken during the night by an incoming text message. Whilst a quarter of workers (25%) reported they frequently get a late night work-related text from their boss.

Fifty one per cent of British adults surveyed stated the very first thing they do when they wake up – before even getting out of bed – is to check their mobile phone for new texts or emails.

Corinne Sweet, Psychologist, said: “This addiction for social networking supports Maslow’s theory of humans having three basic needs. One of these being the need for love, affection, belonging and self-worth and Facebook provides the perfect solution to fulfil this requirement.”

“Bedtime should be associated with calming down and chilling out with a good book, listening to easy music, catching up with your partner or enjoying a love-making session in order to get a night of deep, nourishing sleep.”

The study also revealed the time-honoured alarm clock is set to become obsolete with 84% of adults now using their mobile phone as an alarm clock to help wake them up in the morning.


  1. I like the fact I read this article on my Blackberry in bed….. 🙂

    Smart phones have really revolutionised the way people use ‘dead’ time – such as waiting for a bus, travelling or laying in bed. However I think an area that does need further research is the changes in values – that 20% who stop ‘special’ time with their partner to check their phone should reassess their values!

  2. I’m guilty too. I’d set this to automatically post just after midnight (honouring an embargo request from Travelodge) and confess I did check it on my iPod Touch (along with the start of the cricket).

    Since my alarm was set for 6am, I’m also guilty of not getting enough sleep.

  3. Interesting study… clearly some people need to take a break from Facebook! I am pretty guilty myself, but I think as long as you are reading blogs / news sites / Twitter etc. it is all productive!

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