Research fellowship for Behind the Spin editor

The 2013 PRIME Research Fellowship has been awarded to a member of the Behind the Spin editorial team.

Bart Misiak

Bart Misiak, winner of a £4,000 research fellowship

The CIPR PRIME Research Fellowship is awarded on annual basis to a worthy recipient who demonstrates outstanding achievements in academia and an interest in applied public relations research. Winner Bart Misiak will receive a £3,000 stipend along with a six week placement at PRIME research, a fast-growing global leader in strategic communication research, based in Oxford.

As this year’s Fellow, Bart will learn about public relations research including data collection and analysis and interpretation of results. His Fellowship will culminate with an addition £1,000 reward in return of the completion of a paper which contributes to the body of knowledge in applied public relations research.

Bart, a recent Masters graduate of Corporate Communication & Public Affairs at Robert Gordon University and book reviews editor on Behind the Spin, has served as a CIPR course representative on behalf of his fellow students for the past 12 months. He will now take up his Fellowship where he plans to produce a paper analysing how the UK’s top three banks managed their corporate image during the 2008 financial crisis until the present day.

Bart Misiak commented:

I am very excited about being awarded the prestigious CIPR PRIME Research Fellowship, and to be given the opportunity to work with PRIME Research UK. I am a firm believer that in order to become the best you must surround yourself with the best, and this opportunity allows me to do just that. During my time at PRIME I plan on learning as much as possible from the invaluable opportunity being given to me, and further develop my skill set within the experiential learning environment.

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