Predictions made for 2012

PR consultancy 33 Digital has published its third annual trends paper, Ten Driving Forces in Digital Marketing.

The paper, available as a free download, outlines the emerging technology trends to watch in 2012.

The authors – who include Behind the Spin’s social media editor David Clare – have identified ten trends to watch. Here’s how they describe the first of their trends, ‘The Interest Graph’:

“We’re going to see multiple exploitations of the interest graph in 2012, but you should keep your eyes on three key areas, as they will affect you, whether you’re a brand, business, advertiser or publisher.”

These areas are identified as influence rankings and perks; tailored information and interest networks.

“If you’re a brand or organisation, you need to make it easy for people to show their interest in you via your website, Facebook page or location based presence such as Foursquare. If nobody’s into you in 2012, you’ll begin to fade from view.”

Celebrities on social media

The paper calls for less celebrity publicity and more human interaction.

“Surely 2012 will see the rise of the ‘social media celebrity’, those who are experts in their field, influencers, keen communicators, people who will provide us with feedback and by their serendipitous retweets, project us into viral stardom within their personal niche.”

Socialising of TV

Twitter gives new interest to TV broadcasts and in turn brings even greater excitement to ‘event TV’.

“Once upon a time people would talk about last night’s TV at the water cooler. Now we talk about TV as it happens, with our very own running commentary grouped together by a handy little hashtag.”


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