PR student makes TV debut!


PR student Adam Burns prepares to be grilled by televisions Anne Robinson

Public Relations student and Behind the Spin news editor, Adam Burns, made his television debut this week, when he went head to head with Anne Robinson on the BBC’s  The Weakest Link.


 Burns, 23, who is currently studying PR at Leeds Metropolitan University travelled to Glasgow in February to test his general knowledge against eight other contestants.

 Burns, who is currently looking for a 52 week placement as part of his PR degree said:

 “Going head to head with the Ice Queen of TV has certainly prepared me for my upcoming interviews.  My main aim was not to embarrass myself by going out early, however the hairstyle the hair and make up lady gave me meant that it didn’t really matter! I looked like the love child of Mark Lemar and Johnny Bravo”.

To see how Adam got on please click here.

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