PR student launches campaign to help students with caring responsibilities

Lalinca Lunga enjoying a play day with her son

 A new campaign to help improve the experience of students with caring responsibilities has been launched at Leeds Metropolitan University.

 The campaign kicked off with “The Student Parents Party” which allowed students to bring their children to university and enjoy activities such as face painting, arts and crafts and party games.  The campaign is the first of its kind and aims to build a child friendly environment at the university.

 Lalinca Lunga, a PR student and mother, began the campaign in an attempt to ease the pressure of studying whilst also juggling the responsibilities of being a parent.  The party was attended by 30 parents and their children, and is just the first of a series of events that have been planned to improve the student experience for academics with children.

 Lalinca said:”The party was a fantastic success, but it is only the beginning as we are in talks with the Students Union catering staff to provide a childrens menu.  I hope that our university sits up and takes notice of how difficult it can be for parents at university and improves the facilities to make them more child friendly.”

 The next event that is currently being planned by Lalinca and her team is a cooking competition to find the best dish for a £10 budget.


  1. This is awesome, my sister is a mum-student and she would love this kind of thing. Great experience for PR too, employees will love it!

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