New site aims to help PR students

Rich Leigh, account director at 10 Yetis PR Agency and the man behind the CRAPPs, never went to university. Instead he opted for the world of work, teenage fatherhood and a healthy (-ish) liver. But, after speaking to a number of people who have or are hoping to break into public relations employment, one thing he has heard time and again is that the practical side of the industry is often overlooked in their studies.

This is why Rich has created somewhere for real life case studies to be found. does what it says on the tin and features numerous examples of public relations that Rich has come across through tweeting as @GoodandBadPR and writing for – as well as receiving contributions from others, simply get in touch. is a multi-contributor website with a wide group of people blogging to ensure the best campaigns are included on the site. The bloggers are based in the UK, America, Canada, France, Australia, Belgium and New Zealand and most work in PR and/or social media.

About a third are students who are taking the opportunity to use the platform to build a profile for themselves.

Rich is welcoming feedback on the website, contributions and is also open to bringing more student contributors on board. Visit to read the latest case studies and follow the blog on Twitter @PRexamples.

You can get in touch with Rich via email if you have any campaigns to share or are interested in contributing yourself.


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