New competition for PR students

Students from four universities will be competing against each other to win a national PR prize.

Initiated by Bournemouth University, and supported by the universities of Central Lancashire, Leeds Metropolitan and Lincoln, the new Amilla competition also has the backing of industry bodies and employers.

Three shortlisted teams drawn from final year undergraduates and full-time postgraduate PR students from each participating university will compete in a two-stage pitch process before a national winner is announced at the end of the competition.

Enrolment will open in January 2013 and shortlisted pitch presentations will be given in May before the winner is announced. Additional universities are welcome to participate.

Dr Anastasios Theofilou from Bournemouth University explained the name and the purpose of the competition:

Amilla is a concept of Greek origin that stands for ‘healthy competition’. Relying on the values of “amilla” means that the participants of a competition should not just focus on winning. The participants should enter with an open-mind aiming to: learn from each other, self-criticize their efforts and learn from the feedback they receive from the expert judging panel. We aim to develop a sustainable national competition, with a clear goal to expand internationally, which will cultivate networking, enhance the student experience and most importantly lead all participants to personal improvement.

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