Media Talent Bank launch first networking evening

Set to be the first of many, Media Talent Bank are holding their first exhibition and networking evening next week for all creative enthusiasts to pop along to.

The creative networking site has organised an evening where budding creative individuals, both in and out of the industry can mingle on Monday 10th May at The Orange Studio, and sample some examples of the creative work that takes place in Birmingham.

Not only will there be a complementary drink on arrival and nibbles to munch on, but more importantly it is Media Talent Banks second venture of offline events to help network students, graduates and professionals who are part of the ever-growing creative sector in the countries second biggest city.

The progress of MTB has come from a group of four final year Media and Communication students from Birmingham City University.  As part of their final year project, they have taken on MTB to improve the usage and success after a decline in members.  The students specialise in Public Relations and Web Design and have set up a PR and Web company called Trinket Creative, Media Talent Bank being the main client to take on.

The site is such a valuable tool for both students and potential employers to find creative groups or individuals whether it is for help on a project, a work placement opportunity or even a job offer. The aim of the project is to bring together online and offline promotion in order to generate more interest for the website resulting in an increase of interest and interaction between creatives and professionals.

The main objectives are to increase the members of the site, re-launch the website and improve the reputation, as over recent months members seem to have lost interest and are not utilising the site to its full potential.

One of the main aims is to incorporate both the online and offline forms of promotion. In March, Media Talent Bank held its first workshop event for students.  The topic was on social media and how it is used in the creative sector in Birmingham.  There were various guest speakers, none other than Pete Ashton, a social media whizz came to speak about his experience of using it to promote himself and how successful it has been.

This workshop was the first of many which will have different themes and will be open to members of the site to attend and to help them with their success in the creative industry.

Media Talent Bank is a creative network giving the opportunity for people, whether they are students, graduates or employers from the creative sector to upload a profile along with their CV and example of their work so that professionals can access it.  The aim is to network creative individuals in Birmingham and open opportunities for them from a week’s work experience to a full-time job.

The website includes a blog which Trinket Creative is updating regularly with upcoming events or points of interest for all you creative beans out there. There are pages for job adverts, work placement opportunities, updates of recent work from the members, the ability to search for profiles in a specific specialism from Web design through to Film, and much more.

In celebration of the talented members on the website and display what the site can do, the networking evening will be a great chance to see what the creative sector is capable and the talent that is out there.  Members of the site will be showcasing their work to potential employers and other people in the creative industry.  To keep up to date with Media Talent Bank news and further information about upcoming events, please follow Media Talent Bank @mediatalentbank and Trinket Creative @trinketcreative.

If you would like to join us on Monday 10th May 2010 between 6.30pm-9.30pm to share the creative works from the Midlands, please email to book your place.

Visit to find out further information from the blog.

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