Leeds Met Faculty of Business and Law embraces social media

The Faculty of Business & Law at Leeds Metropolitan University has taken the social media plunge in an attempt to communicate with students more effectively. With the growth in popularity of social media among students it seemed a natural step that the faculty had to take.

The Faculty of Business & Law welcomes a large percentage of international students to the university and social media is an extremely useful tool in doing so. With the use of its blog, prospective students can see a more personal side to the faculty and see real-life student experiences, as well as stories and current students are given a voice and a platform to share their experiences.  Using a blog, Facebook and Twitter ensures communicating with students becomes a dialog and does not mean that students are simply bombarded with information.

Lisa Hiscoe, Marketing & Communications Officer at Leeds Metropolitan University said: “The key to social media is to listen, engage and build relationships. The Faculty of Business & Law at Leeds Metropolitan University communicates to students on their level by using their chosen networks and the media that they prefer.”

“We communicate not just with UK students, but the many international students who apply to us each year and who want to know more about Leeds, their chosen course and most importantly to make new friends before they get here.”

 The university itself is already very active on social media with a number of Tweeters and an award winning YouTube Channel.

To follow the progress of the Faculty of Business and Law you can follow them on Twitter ‘like’ them on Facebook or enjoy a read of their Blog


  1. Miriam Pelusi says:

    This case shows a positive use of social media by an institution. I’d add that social media are a good channel to connect university with different grades of ‘students’: potential students, current students and former students/alumni. Certainly this is valid for home-students and international students (EU and overseas). Social media platforms end up to be a promotional tool and a channel to dialogue and reconnect. Being closer to students is an important step, it is an advantage for the university and for students.

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