Leeds Graduates and Students ask people to Join the Schmoovement

The Schmoo team

Two recent graduates from Leeds University are launching a new yoghurt lassi drink called Schmoo.  Not only are both the managing directors recent graduates, but the Public Relations team behind the consumer launch are five PR students from Leeds Metropolitan University. 

Schmoo, which is based on a traditional Indian recipe will come in three flavours, strawberry, mango and vanilla.  It will be launched across 60 Tesco stores in Yorkshire, Greather Manchester and Lancashire. 

The collaboration of recent graduates and current students came about when Laurence Nair-Price, the MD of Schmoo, read about the recent appointment of the Ptarmigan Academy, which is made up of five Leeds Met PR students who are mentored by professionals from Leeds based PR consultancy Ptarmigan Bell Pottinger.  The Ptarmigan Academy includes Adam Burns, Clare Callery, Lois Ackerely, Katherine Hesselby and Steph Hoy.

The PR students have launched a social media campaign as part of their consumer launch.  The “Join the Schmoovement” campaign involves ten Schmoo ambassadors from around the north of England, all running their own campaigns to try to encourage people to join the Schmoovement and buy a Schmoo from their designated stall.  The winner, who will receive an around the world ticket for one,  will be decided by who sells the most Schmoo and who produces the most creative campaign. 

Adam Burns from the Ptarmigan Academy said:  “Being part of the academy we get the chance to work on live projects for real clients, which is fantastic experience for us.  The Schmoo team have allowed us to be creative and we hope that our campaign will make Schmoo a success.” 

The drink is made using 100 per cent pure ingredients, including fresh yoghurt and fruit.  Schmoo does not contain any preservatives and is one of the freshest label drinks on the market.   A lassi drink is traditionally served after a curry to sooth the heat, but the Schmoo is a healthy twist on the usually sugar filled lassi and contains 30% of a person’s recommended intake of calcium. 

The Mango Schmoo

Laurence met his business partner, Hayley Hadfield, whilst studying at Leeds Uni.  It was during this time that the pair spotted a gap in the market. 

Miss Hadfield, 25, said: “I always enjoyed a lassi in Indian restaurants and realised it hadn’t reached its potential as a product.  We set about making a brand that could bring lassi to the mainstream and we are confident Schmoo will be loved by many” . 

“There are a lot of exotic berries and new flavours out there at the moment but we are returning to the basics, which I think is a good thing.”
Schmoo comes in three exciting flavours, mango, strawberry and vanilla and will be on offer for just £1 in Tesco stores from the 27th of April. 

If you are interested in becoming a Schmoo ambassador then please email.  enquiries@schmoolassi.co.uk 

 You can also “Join the Schmoovement” by following @schmoolassi on Twitter or by becoming a fan of the Facebook page Love Schmoo.  

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