Launch of PR apprenticeships

A new apprenticeship programme for non-graduates who want to get into the public relations industry has been launched by the PRCA and Pearson in Practice.

The backers say the programme will provide an alternative but recognised path into an industry dominated by graduates. The qualifications that can be achieved through the scheme will be equivalent to a foundation degree. Up to 600 apprenticeship roles will be created over a three-year period.

Francis Ingham, chief executive of the PRCA, said: ‘The PR industry contributes £7.5 billion per year to the UK economy. It’s about time we had an apprenticeship scheme to ensure a steady stream of high calibre candidates for our industry.’

The apprenticeship is designed for young people who want to pursue a career in PR but do not wish to pursue a degree course. The aim is to attract a fresh and diverse audience, and it is hoped that the apprenticeships will begin by September next year.

John Hayes, UK Government skills minister, said: ‘The Government is putting apprenticeships on a level with academic study, enabling young people to gain degree level qualifications while earning a wage and learning a trade.’

Academic qualifications body Edexcel and the CfA, an apprenticeships framework company, will also be involved in the development of the programme.

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