Keep your ear to the ground with 10 Yetis Daily Headlines

Gloucester based PR consultancy 10 Yetis is offering students the chance to keep their finger on the pulse, by signing up to their “Daily Headlines” mailing list.  The service offers  the headlines and a brief synopsis from the days national paper’s lead stories  and is distributed to a large list of PRs and students.  

10 Yetis is an award winning consumer PR agency based in Gloucester that counts leading national brands such as MyVoucherCodes, IKEA, TotalJobs, Tweetminster and amongst its current and former clientele.  10 Yetis are particularly student and graduate friendly, in that contrary to common industry standards, PR internships at the agency are paid, and the team have recently started to create short videos with a view to giving tips to people starting out in the PR and media world. 

Rich Leigh, Account Manager at 10 Yetis said: “Being aware of the headlines is much more than just being able to ace the pub quiz, or irritate your mates with constant updates as to what’s going on in the world.

“The media agenda is constantly changing, and the modern PRO needs to change with it.  Piggybacking on news stories is one of the best ways to provide journalists with topical additions to current stories, especially if you can quickly gather a survey-led reaction on behalf of your client.

“If putting together a survey isn’t possible or perhaps necessary, always send a short reactive statement if you have a client that relates to a current story, as there’s a chance your client’s voice will be added to the debate.  If nothing else, it makes you look on the ball and who knows, you could soon be shaping some of those headlines.”

Here is an example taken from today’s headlines:

The Guardian 

Headline: Deadline day for Tory deal – Clegg has given himself until the end of the day to make a decision on whether to back Labour or the Conservatives, with Clegg said to be surprised by Cameron’s flexibility. 

Sub1: Brown waits for Birnam Wood to advance on No 10 – Like the embattled Scottish King (Macbeth) holed up in his castle, watching Birnam Wood march on Dunsinane, Brown sat in No 10 knowing that, a few yards away, enemy forces were gathered, preparing to combine and seize his crown. 

The Metro 

Headline: Power pact with save economy – Getting the economy back on track will be at “the heart” of any power-sharing deal revealed the Liberal Democrats yesterday. 

Sub1: A blue team wins outright – Chelsea beat Wigan 8-0 to win the Premier League title, with Didier Drogba scoring a hat-trick. 

The Daily Telegraph 

Headline: A nation in limbo – The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats sought last night to reassure the financial markets that they were close to agreeing an economic deal that would allow David Cameron to take power. 

Sub1: Cameron’s PR coup to wrong-foot Labour – The full extent of David Cameron’s audacity is beginning to emerge. 

Sub2: Taxpayers face £10bn euro bail-out after Darling caves in – Alistair Darling has caved in to a demand that British taxpayers underwrite at least £10billion of debt held by other European governments a finance ministers met to discuss an even bigger bailout for the euro. 

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Also watch out for the next 10Yetis “ten second tips” video which Behind the Spin will be featuring in our careers section, but if you just can’t wait, why not subscibe to the 10 Yetis Youtube Channel.

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