Journalism’s place in business

A new course sets journalism alongside public relations and places it within a business faculty.

The three year degree course at Leeds Metropolitan University has been developed in collaboration with regional and national journalists from print, broadcast and online media. 

The course comes under the Public Relations and Communications subject group within the Faculty of Business and Law.

Annisa SulimanCourse leader Annisa Suliman said: “It’s unusual for courses such as this to be born out of Public Relations provision and to find their home in business rather than humanities faculties. But, I feel it’s an acknowledgement that though journalism and PR are two separate entities, there is a synergy between the two and whether they like it or not practitioners in both areas must acknowledge that today’s journalists have to work closely with those in communications. 

“The siting of journalism in the business school is important because, whether print- or broadcast-based, news industries are just that – industries – and they must understand the regional, national and global marketplace.”

Senior lecturer Jason McCartney said the links with business and the emphasis on skills development across multimedia platforms will give Leeds Met graduates an advantage when looking for work: “I am looking forward to helping students to develop skills and industry contacts that will enable them to start their careers in a very competitive industry and I’m relishing the challenge of making this one of the region’s top journalism courses.”

The first intake of students this year was fully subscribed.

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