It’s back. Are you?

Behind the Spin’s #socialstudent ranking is returning for a third year, and here’s a glimpse of who the early leaders are.¬†We now need your help discovering and following potential #socialstudent winners.

Socialstudent 19 sept 13

What is #socialstudent?

It’s a competition among UK PR students and UK universities to find the highest ranked individuals according to two social influence scores.

We use Klout (from the US) and PeerIndex (from the UK) as they both produce comparable scores out of 100. Students tend to be ranked higher on Klout because it appears to give more weight to Facebook activity, but we leave it to you to work out how to improve your ranking.

The Rules

  • The ranking is open to anyone studying on a full-time public relations degree course (BA, MA) at a UK university. (Hint: public relations will usually be in your degree title, though some alternatives such as Corporate Communication are acceptable).
  • The list is combines Klout and PeerIndex scores. You may need to register for free on these sites, and should be aware that they will collect data on you for marketing purposes.
  • We add students to this list on Klout, and this Leaderboard list based on PeerIndex (you will need to be logged in to see the lists). Tell us if you want to be added or removed from these lists.
  • We run the competition in two periods: up to Christmas 2013, then up to Easter 2014. To have a chance of winning the competition, we need to have added you during the first period (before Christmas).



  1. Steve Mackey says:

    Would you like to record a Skype interview like these by Philip Sheldrake and Deirdre Breakenrigdege for my 175 Australian PR uni students? ? How students might get jobs because of their profiles
    would be favorite.

  2. Hello Steve

    What I’d really like from your students are any of the following:

    – Write-ups of talks by industry leaders like Sheldrake and Breakenridge
    – Profiles of industry leaders (and thinkers) such as these
    – Reviews of new books (particularly Australian books I might have missed eg by Jim Macnamara)

    We’re a UK PR student magazine, but we’re open to be educated!

  3. Aww I’m going to miss being part of the ranking system! But then again graduating was an amazing experience.


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